We stock a huge range of brass products in forms of flat bars, round bars, hexagonal bars, round and square tubes, sheets and plates. With our cutting machines, we can provide our customers a complete solution according to their requirements.

Brass and Brass Alloys : Sheets and Plates 

We supply brass sheets and plates in different grades, thicknesses and dimensions.

Extract of our portfolio:

  • Sheets – CW508L, CW612N, CW713R
  • Plates – CW508L, CW612N

Brass and Brass Alloys : Bars and Tubes

We stock a selection of round, flat and square bars,hexagonal bars, tubes and pipes for fittings and sanitary installations.

Extract of our portfolio:

  • Flat bars – CW508L, CW612N
  • Round bars – CW508L, CW612N, CW713R,
  • Square bars – CW508L, CW612N
  • Round tubes – CW508L, CW612N

Custom designs and grades on demand.

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